About this privacy statement
This privacy statement outlines how personal information is handled by Pacifica and applies to use of the Pacifica website at “pacifica.com.au”.

This privacy statement complies with the National Privacy Principles as outlined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and Privacy Act Amendment 2000 (Cth). Detailed information regarding relevant laws can be found at www.privacy.gov.au. Users are encouraged to read this policy in conjunction with relevant laws.

Privacy Statement
Pacifica does not collect personally identifiable information from our site visitors without visitor knowledge. When you send us an email, you voluntarily provide the information we collect from you. Pacifica will only use your contact information for the purpose for which it is given by you and will not disclose it without your consent to any third party. Pacifica will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information provided by you is maintained accurately and securely at all times. All information will be stored in Australia.

Pacifica might from time to time track the number of visitors to our site and retain the following information for statistical purposes – the date and time of visit to the site, the pages accessed and documents downloaded. We do not attempt to identify individual users from these statistics.

This privacy statement will be available on all pages throughout the website located via the privacy link at the bottom of each page. You are allowed to request what data Pacifica has regarding your personal information. There is no fee associated with lodging a request for access to personal information. It is possible to contact Pacifica via the website for general inquiries without having to be identified. A person’s identity is not required by Pacifica for the successful use of the website.

A cookie is a small application that is used by the ‘host computer” and your “local computer” to communicate information back and forth. Cookies may be used by Pacifica in order to obtain statistical data. No personal information will be collected via the use of cookies.

Promotional material via e-mail
By contacting Pacifica via email, your email address may be recorded and used in promotional emails sent by Pacifica. You will be offered the opportunity to opt out of any email promotion by a link included in the email.

Changes to this statement
Pacifica will make changes to this Privacy statement as required when new policies or services are introduced. This policy was last updated on 20 November 2014.

Contact us about privacy
If you would like further information regarding this Privacy Statement please contact Pacifica via the contact page.

Pacifica directs users to its disclaimer, terms and conditions and copyright pages in relation to the use of the Pacifica website.